Faster Internet with 4G Data from O2

4G data on O2

O2's 4G network has been up and running for a few months now, and coverage is increasing all the time. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this speed revolution and what it means for you.

What is O2 4G LTE?4G iPhone 5 O2

4G (4th Generation) is the next step in mobile data connectivity, after 3G. It's been available in a limited number of locations for the last few months, but now 4G is being rolled out by all the major UK networks, including O2, so it's becoming more accessible in terms of both coverage and cost.

LTE stands for "Long Term Evolution". To qualify as 4G, download speeds must reach, at minumum, 100 megabits per second and be able to go up to 1GB per second. Compare this to the UK's current average broadband speed of just 9 megabits per second, and you can see just what a huge improvement this is! Download and watch movies, play games, surf the web or stream live content and do it all faster than your regular home broadband connection! 4G is also almost 10 times faster than a 3G connection. You will be able to download a 500MB file in under a minute!

What 4G phones are available on O2?

A growing number of 4G phones are available from O2, such as the Apple iPhone 5cNokia Lumia 1020 and HTC One. 4G phones currently tend to cost more than their 3G counterparts, and so you're likely to have to buy a mid to high-end mobile in order to take advantage of these higher data speeds. 4g is also only available on O2 Refresh tariffs - which means that, at time of writing, plans start from £22 a month - with the best value option being the Nokia Lumia 625.

What do I get with an O2 4G phone?

Apart from a shiny new phone, generous allowances and superfast data speeds, O2 also offer a 90 day happiness guarantee. If during that period you find that aren't completely satisfied with your 4G traiff, they will transfer you to a cheaper 3G equivalent and give you a bill credit of up to £15.

O2 are offering an additional incentive to sign up soon. If you order a phone on their 5GB Refresh plan you'll receive an additional 3GB of data per month for the length of your contract.

What's 4G coverage like?

4G coverage is currently available in London, Coventry, Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow. However, coverage is rapidly expanding, so why not check your area using the postcode coverage checker.

4G Mobile Broadband on O2

We can't wait to help you get connected, and you'll be able to do it in more ways than one. In addition to 4G mobile phones, O2 is in prime position to offer 4G mobile broadband services. Within a few months, a whole range of 4G mobile broadband devices on O2 will be available: Dongles, Mobile Broadband SIMS, MiFi, and Tablets.

In fact, Telefonica (O2's parent company) has guaranteed that by 2017, 98% of the collective UK population will have access to its super-speedy mobile broadband coverage (even indoors), making it the best connected network around. And this coverage won't be unevenly distributed to just big cities - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are, individually, to have at least 95% coverage by this same period, so rural areas as well as urban are set to benefit greatly - don't miss out!

O2 4G Phone MastDid you know?

Will we soon be seeing O2 4G WiFi Hotspots? O2 are better connected, currently running Europe's largest free public Wi-Fi network in thousands of hotspots! Download the O2 WiFi app on Android or iOS and you'll be instantly logged in, wherever you go.

Why O2?

O2. We're Better, Connected. With free WiFi, upcoming extensive 4G coverage, and great exclusive O2 Priority Moments offers, you'd be crazy not to want to join this forward-thinking network. Why not check out the latest O2 mobile phones on offer?