The BlackBerry Q10 on O2

BlackBerry Q10 Released on O2

After the January launch of BlackBerry's latest operating system, we're excited to bring you the next generation QWERTY phone, here at O2 Deals - the BlackBerry Q10. This model has improved on the classic keyboard but brings the touch optimised and super speedy BlackBerry 10 operating system to the table.

BlackBerry Q10 FeaturesThe O2 BlackBerry Q10

The Q10 is built like no other smartphone, with a unique, custom built glass weave rear casing that gives it a premium finish. It's lighter, stronger and thinner than before but still feels solid in the hand.

BlackBerry have saved space by removing the physical call buttons, instead making them sit on the 3.1" touch screen. This rich 720 x 720 AMOLED display fits edge to edge and is a pleasure to use with gestures and multi touch support built in.

BlackBerry Q10 Specs

Power and performance are key to the new BlackBerry 10 phones and the Q10 is no exception. The same 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon and 2GB of RAM powers the BlackBerry Q10 as you'll find in the Z10 and it certainly doesn't disappoint on the performance front. You can expect the Q10's web browser to be fast and slick, bringing you the fastest online performance of any BlackBerry ever made. Apps are in the process of being optimised for the smaller screen but you should be able to get the same great range of apps that are available on the Z10 from the BlackBerry World Store.

With an expected 100,000 apps available in the app store by the time this phone launches in the UK, you're guaranteed a great multimedia experience. Many of your key apps are already built into the BlackBerry Hub where you can Peek at your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn messages. You don't ever need to leave the Hub in order to respond to invites as everything is pulled from your social networks into your contact's profiles.

BlackBerry Q10 Keyboard

For all you hardcore BlackBerry fans, you'll be thrilled to know that the traditional keyboard has been improved. Thanks to a wider design, each key is now 30% bigger and the dividing lines between each row of keys has been made bigger to help you type faster. The feel of the keys is a delight and satisfyingly "BlackBerry". If you had a Bold before then you'll love this next generation experience.

Pricing on the O2 BlackBerry Q10

You can now order your BlackBerry Q10 online on O2's On and On Plan, with unlimited minutes and texts and a full 1GB of data, free from £37. Find out more about the tariffs available on the BlackBerry Q10.

Check out the launch video below for a visual teaser: