Mid-Range Phones

O2 Mid-Range Phones: £17-£22

Most of us would probably like a great phone with a slick design, some engaging features and innovative technology, without wanting to go as far as paying for the very latest gadget to hit the market. Well, here at O2 Deals we've put together a selection of mid-range phones that fall into a middling price bracket, with handsets free on tariffs between £17-22pm.

Of course, a medium price doesn't actually mean you have to compromise on specs at all. We're particularly impressed with Nokia's Lumia range, since the Finnish company's guiding principle behind the Lumia line-up is to filter their top technology down to all levels and make it more generally accessible. With this in mind, we'd definitely recommend the Nokia Lumia 925: a high quality PureView camera, top connectivity and tons of storage.

You might also like to consider our range of Refurbished Phones for some top handsets beaten down to budget prices!

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