O2 Mobile Insurance

O2 offer a mobile phone insurance policy that you can take out when you first buy your phone from them.

You have 28 days after purchasing your phone to buy insurance from O2, so if you're going to do it you need to decide quickly.

Premiums start from £3 a month, and go up to £12.50 a month for more expensive smartphones like the iPhone 6s. The excess on any claims that you make also increases with the value of the phone, with them starting at £20 and increasing to £60. Please find the current pricing, and level of cover below:

Mobile insurance cover
Monthly price £3 – £4.50 £6 – £7.50 £10 £12.50
Accidental damage (inc. water/screen damage) yes yes yes yes
Unattended loss from a secure premises yes yes yes yes
Attended theft yes yes yes yes
Accidental loss yes yes yes yes
Accessories Up to £300 Up to £300 Up to £300 Up to £300
Worldwide cover yes yes yes yes
Replacement abroad Yes. Free of charge Yes. Free of charge Yes. Free of charge Yes. Free of charge
Excess £20 £30 £50 £60*

The policy is dependent on the value of your handset

* £60, or £120 for second and any subsequent loss claim

Full details can be found here.

If this insurance policy isn't suitable for you, or you've already gone past the 28 day insurable period, you can still insure your O2 mobile phone using a standalone provider. We like Tinhat phone insurance, as it's one of the cheapest and most reliable in the UK.