O2 Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

The O2 Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini


O2 Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung have taken their award winning Galaxy S3 model and shrunk it down into a fine tuned and more streamlined version - the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini! This leaner smartphone comes with a 4 inch screen that makes it the same size as the new iPhone 5. It takes its design from it's bigger brother and follows in the footsteps of Samsung's 'inspired-by-nature' campaign.

O2 Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Price

The S3 Mini will be selling in the UK between £220-£250 for just the handset. If you want news of a great tariff deal on O2 then check back here for more information about what great deals you could get when you buy an O2 Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

O2 Galaxy S3 Mini Specs

This budget smartphone is one that manages to bring together Samsung's expertise in making top end Android phones and their fantastic build quality to produce a solid touchscreen phone. The mini Galaxy S3 brings Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the table along with all the other advances in Samsung's own Touch Wiz interface. Google Now is included, bringing you up to date local search results and information making your mobile life easier than ever before.

Being lighter and smaller than before would make the O2 mini Samsung Galaxy S3 even better at using its battery. The smaller screen and dual-core processor would ensure you could keep browsing the web for longer without causing a drop in performance. Plus, with 1GB of RAM inside your favourite apps will keep on ticking along smoothly.

Check back here for the latest news and updates about the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini on O2. We're hoping it will be available in the UK as soon as possible so we can bring you the new mini Samsung smartphone.

For now though, why not check out the Galaxy S3 Mini's bigger and more powerful brother - the award winning O2 Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini on O2