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With the O2 Tracks App, you can listen to the Official Top 40 wherever, whenever.  No adverts. No streaming. No interruptions.

O2 Tracks: Unlimited Access to the Chart's Top 40

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O2 Tracks is one of O2's most popular apps, which allows you to listen to the full Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart on your phone, wherever you are and whenever you like. Access is totally unlimited, so as long as a song is currently in the Top 40, you'll be able to listen to it as many times as you like.

O2 update the playlist every Sunday, in tandem with the Official Chart itself, so the playlist is always up-to-date. And if you find a keeper in the mix, you can click through on a track to buy it too. O2 Tracks is available to all networks, with a generous free 2 month trial to O2 customers and a 2 week free trial to other networks - and after that, it still only costs £1 per week!

Top Reasons to Download O2 ​Tracks:

  • 2 month free trial for O2 customers! (2 weeks for other networks)
  • No adverts and no streaming
  • Plenty of bonus tracks on O2's extra playlist
  • All the latest celebrity new and gossip
  • Available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows
  • Regularly updated


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HTC Windows 8S with O2 TracksHere at O2 Deals, we think the O2 Tracks App would be perfectly suited to the HTC windows Phone 8S, available from just £17/month. HTC have incorporated their famous Beats Audio technology into this innovative handset, ground noise reduced, higher quality amp for improved stereo separation - and higher quality music experience all round!


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