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Welcome to the O2 Wallet!

O2 Wallet AppThe O2 Wallet means that all O2 customers can now use their smartphones (such as the Samsung Galaxy S II) to send money messages, compare prices and get great deals from more than a hundred retailers across the UK.

O2 Wallet gives you discounts at over 100 UK stores when you shop online. You don’t have to waste time hunting discount codes or vouchers online when they’re already available on O2!

Send a secure Money Message to a friend’s phone and they’ll receive a message saying you’ve added money to their O2 Wallet. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t on O2, as they can download the app as well and send it straight through to their bank account.

You can use the app to do your shopping straight from your phone. It’s simple to scan barcodes, catch great deals, compare prices and pay for things all in the palm of your hand. The O2 Wallet will also keep you up to date every time your balance changes, so there’s no need to worry about nasty surprises.

O2 Money

Add your credit or debit card safe in the knowledge that your details aren’t stored on the phone so your wallet remains as safe as ever. Plus once you have your O2 Wallet set up, you can even get a physical card to spend the money in your Wallet in the real world. The O2 Money Account Card can be used as a chip-and-pin card, at ATMs, and at Contactless pay points. All this allows you to stay on top of your payments and have it all handled by your O2 mobile phone.

Future plans also include contactless payment – another good reason to get excited for the O2 iPhone 5 which promises to have this tech built in! Soon you’ll be able to top up mobile air-time, buy train tickets and make mobile contactless payments. O2 Wallet gives you plenty of good reasons to check out one of our fantastic O2 tariffs, and see what you can gain from this fantastic new app.

Legal Details

O2 Money Account is issued by IDT Financial Services Limited pursuant to a license from Visa Europe Limited. IDT Financial Services Limited is regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Commission, Gibraltar.
Registered Office: 57-63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar.
Registered No. 95716.
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