O2 WiFi

O2 WiFi

Fast, Reliable and Free For All

That's right, whether or not you're an O2 customer, you can now connect to any one of the thousands of free O2 hotspots recently launched all over the UK! The idea is to recreate your home WiFi service when you're out and about, and hopefully you'll find the service a convenient bonus, whether you're:

  • listening to online playlists on your phone in Debenhams
  • downloading books to your kindle in Costa Coffee
  • checking emails on your laptop at Café Rouge
  • or watching an episode of your favourite TV show on your tablet at McDonalds

O2 don't require usernames, passwords and certainly no bank details. You simply hook up your device quickly and easily and get surfing - without eating into your data allowance.

How to Connect to O2 WiFi

There are several ways to get started with O2 WiFi. The easiest way is simply to download the O2 WiFi App from Google Play or the App Store. This locates your nearest hotspot and connects you to O2's WiFi network, as well as flashing up other hotspots in your area.

Connecting your smartphone, laptop, tablet or e-reader:

  1. Make sure your WiFi setting is turned on
  2. Open up your WiFi settings and select O2 WiFi from the list of available networks
  3. Open up an internet browser, where you'll see the O2 WiFi page. Simply follow the instructions until you reach the Welcome Page (you will need to have your mobile phone with you)


O2 WiFi Locations